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When you become a member, your membership empowers the Brazilian Council on Samba to fulfill its mission and enhance its service to the global samba and carnival communities. Your annual membership contributions enable us to elevate our educational programs, reaching more children and youth, and initiating impactful projects that positively influence our communities.

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Geral Membership

The starting point for Brazilian Council On Samba enthusiasts, this membership grants access to the heart of Carnaval do Povo Project’s annual parade. Cost is $10 monthly or $110 annually.

Participate in the Carnaval do Povo Project annual parade.

Pipóca Membership

Enjoy all the perks of Geral Membership, plus revel in a 15% discount on event tickets, projects, and workshops. Cost is $20 monthly or $220 annually.

All Geral Membership benefits
15% discount on events, projects, and workshop tickets
One month free with annual payment

Firmeza Membership

Firmeza Membership takes you to elite status, providing an exclusive journey through Carnival. Cost is $50 monthly or $550 annually.

All Pipóca Membership benefits
Brazilian Council on Samba T-shirt.
Priority services.
Right to speak at meetings (without voting privileges).

Fechamento VIP Membership

Reach the pinnacle of Carnival indulgence with Fechamento VIP Membership. Cost is $100 monthly or $1100 annually

All Firmeza Membership benefits.
Business advertisement in the World Samba Magazine with a 10% discount.
10% ticket discount on tour trips.
Carnaval do Povo T-shirt.
Priority access to the VIP area.
Right to vote during meetings.

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