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Samba is not just a rhythm, a type of dance much less just a musical genre from Brazil. It is also the essence and the joy of Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival, which for many is the main financial help to get food on the table. For others, Carnival is the main source of income, and for a handful of folks, it is a way to become rich fast, have access to local power, and/or gain control over a community or communities.

Samba was originally the artistic expression of poor Brazilian lifestyle, the result of the anguish of living a life full of prejudices, discrimination and inequalities, nevertheless, making them moments of dreams, joy, happiness and love.

Back then, and now more than ever, the culture of samba inspires writers, painters, musicians, researchers, scholars, travelers, and most of all, the culture of samba enriches many people of our modern society.

There’s a lot more to be said , shown and done about samba and Carnival. And we want to do it, show it to you, tell you all about it, by supporting the samba and Carnival researches, creators, their communities, and ultimately, the samba and Carnival workers.

by Carlos DeOliveira

The Brazilian Council on Samba is a nonprofit organization established in NY in April/ 2016 dedicated to educating children and adults about Brazilian culture as well as, fostering and further developing the Brazilian art, history & culture of Samba, and its connections with the carnival in NY, surrounding states, and in the world at large.