The Brazilian Council on Samba is made up of a select group of people among scholars, organic intellectuals, artists and activists, interested in the history and development of samba and carnival culture in Brazil and its interactions with other cultures all around the world.

We strive to bring together, and open a dialogue with, the samba and the international carnival lovers, artists, activists, journalists, scholars, educators, students, revelers, workers, business executives, and government agencies, to help present, promote, and produce programs, projects and events with the objective of better understand and address the social, cultural, and economic needs of the actors who partake in the samba and international carnival culture.

We have come together to create an organization with a wealth of professional, artistic, and academic talents, dedicated to analyzing the development of samba and carnival around the world, focusing on its positive social, economic, educational and cultural impact, as well as its political issues. The organization also intends to write, publish articles and make public policy recommendations.