Silvana Magda

Silvana Magda, was born In Salvador Bahia, Brazil. In 1984 she arrived in the United States a seasoned artist who had already reached her goal as a professional dancer, choreographer and vocalist, but still brought visions of showcasing her talents in America. Silvana’s adolescent years were spent mainly in Candomblé Religious homes and attending “Teatro Castro Alves” school for ballet. With this knowledge of culture and ballet, she launched her dance career in 1975, performing with the “Loni Duro Bahia Dance Company”. She toured with “Viva Bahia Dance Company” and “Orquestra Afro Brasileira” as a featured soloist throughout Europe, Canada, South America, Central America and the Caribbean. Since her arrival in the United States, she has taught at Hunter College, Rutgers University, Leake and Watts Foster Care and Arts Connection (on going public, Junior High and High School program in the boroughs of New York). In 1988 she created the “Viva Brazil Dance Company”. The ensemble has garnered many accolades over the years, performed for luminaries as diverse as Dan Quayle and Heads of State at the United Nations. She conducted a two-week residency of Afro Brazilian Dance at “The Omega Institute” in 1996.

Elected as coordinator for the dance department, Silvana coordinated and organized a cultural committee for artists in New York. The Brazilian Consulate sanctioned this project. She has also made numerous Television appearances and was featured on the New York Times Magazine section cover (Sunday April 19TH 1992), and also the cover of a bestseller book “Feeling the Spirit”. Today Silvana the composer, singer, choreographer and dancer is still achieving most of her dreams. In 1995 she formed the “Katendê Band” to connect her years of dance experience with music. Silvana Magda’s knowledgeable background of music assisted her to make an easy transition on to the music scene. In addition, her expertise on Afro Brazilian Culture gave her great inspiration to compose all songs on her recorded projects (2-CDS). She tours nationally and internationally with her nine piece band “Katendê” and “Viva Brazil Dancers” in which she receives great reviews. Silvana’s resume boasts her being the recipient of two (2) Proclamations; the Borough President of Queens and from the Office of the Mayor Newark NJ., the “Gran Comendadora Award”, the “Brazilian Press Award” for the Outstanding Female Singer, the annual “ASCAP Composition Achievement Award”, & “Canta Brazil Suave 93.1FM Artistic Award”.

Some of her international tours included performance for the King at his palace in Morocco, one month at the Radisson Hotel in Aruba and the Cayman Islands, she was also invited to present a musical piece to be used as the opening for the Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Tour concerts at the Barclay in New York and the Prudential Center in New Jersey, the piece was performed by Batala percussion Band. Silvana Magda and Katendê Band has established its reputation on the New York music circuit as a must experience revue with fans eagerly awaiting her performance that is part music, part spectacle and all Brazilian Cultural Outreach. Her band dishes out a heavy mixture of Brazilian, African, Caribbean, American, Funk, Latin Rhythms and Soca influences. Even after developing a cyst on her vocal chords, nothing has stopped Silvana from tirelessly promoting the culture of her homeland. Having forged multiple media contacts, it was only natural for her to serve as General Coordinator for the annual Brazilian Day Celebration in New York City, held in early September.

Silvana felt she needed to do more to involve that growing number of Brazilians living in the Tri-State area. In 2008, Silvana staged the inaugural “Lavagem da Rua 46, Brazilian Cultural Parade and Festival”, addressing the crowd, she expressed a hope that the procession would function as “a reminder of our values and strengthen the image of Brazil”. More than a celebration, the Lavagem da Rua 46 has turned into a week of promoting Brazilian culture, tourism and business in the USA. In 2009 Silvana also created Brazil Week, a series of events that introduce to the public the rich culture of Brazil and includes but not limited to, visual arts, photography, culinary, fashion, films, comedy, travel, music and dance workshops. In 2015 Silvana received an invitation to present Lavagem at Lincoln Center, it was a major success which brought forth a new audience and put a spin on the concept of Lavagem da Rua 46. Lavagem is now a parade which can be showcased at any location across the USA. In 2017 Lavagem da Rua 46 made its debut in the Iron bound district of Newark New Jersey.The geography of New Jersey’s largest city provides more room than one finds in the confines of Midtown Manhattan and this enabled a new facet for the Lavagem.Trio Eletrico massive stage on wheels have long been a feature of Carnival parades in Salvador. In 2017 Silvana arranged and brought such a truck to Newark, NJ.